Frequently Ask Question

What is meditation?

People say that meditation is a way to “checking out” from your problems and you need to empty your mind or even stop thinking during meditation. Don’t believe them! Meditation is both a skill and an experience of the present moment. Meditation is about sitting with the mind, practicing awareness and compassion. Even you can feel meditative while exercise, eating, writing, or…. dancing!

Does meditating beneficial for my health?

Of course! When meditating, you will practice focusing on your breath and learn how to discover greater calm in present moment. Do it consistently and you will be able to make peace with your emotions and feel the beneficial effects on your body include reduced blood pressure, eased anxiety, and could help to overcome insomnia.

How to start meditating?

Do not overthink it. There is no right or wrong in meditation. For a simple start, you can start practicing silent. Stop. Close your eyes. Feel the Mother Earth underneath your feet, feel and hear your breath when inhale and exhale. Enjoy your silent moment for a few minutes. Try now! Isn’t it great?

What is Rumah Remedi?

Rumah Remedi is a safe space for you to chill and come in, to leave all the troubles outside, and fill your heart with more love and joyfulness. Here, you will find numerous healing modulations, consultations, self-transformational workshops programs, and refreshing meditation classes – as fresh as ice sparkling water with lemon drops!

How to start my journey with Rumah Remedi?

Know your goal and simply get connect with us here. We will introduce you with so many great classes, workshops, and amazing Guided Facilitators. Or… you can start join our FREE Stress Releasing session every Tuesday night and learn how to shoo away that nerves.

What is releasing?

Releasing is a tool for us to liberating ourselves from any unwanted emotions and allowing the discomfort to dissipate. The emotions cannot be vanished, but you can detach it and be free from it.

Are the sessions online or offline?

During pandemic, most of our classes will be done online. However, we can conduct your session offline by appointment. Hope that this corona be gone soon, and we’ll be excited to meet you face to face again!

How do I know which program that is suitable for me?

et’s discuss it! Contact us here, we will very happy to guide you and designing a customized program with our Guided Facilitators. We’ll response as soon as we can. We’re all ears for you!

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