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Rumah Remedi Indonesia is an integrated personal and corporate wellbeing institution.

We are empowering humankind and serving Universe with love and kindness by providing various exciting programs and workshops to improve personal and corporate wellbeing. We’d love you to join our mission!

At our digital space, you can find various information related to wellbeing. Start your save journey with us and let’s start spread positivity!

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"You always gain
by giving LOVE."

- Reese Witherspoon -

Our Value

In Rumah Remedi Indonesia, we discover LOVE as Loving Kindness, Oneness, Virtue, and Empowerment. LOVE is fundamental and essential to our life.

Loving Kindness – We believe that by doing everything with the energy of love and kindness, you are limitless and beyond boundaries.

Oneness – It is the state of being in harmony with everyone and everything the Universe, that we are all connected to each other. We heal in togetherness.

Virtue – Honesty, truthful, caring, cooperation, and acceptance are some of the virtues we embody at Rumah Remedi Indonesia. As Aristotle has said that virtue makes us aim at the right end and practical wisdom makes us take the right means.

Empowering – By sharing knowledge and tools, we empower other to focus on happiness in any circumstances, to make others feel that anything in life is possible.

These are the values that bring joy and happiness to us at Rumah Remedi Indonesia.

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Remedi Discover The Best Of Yourself Through Our Method

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